Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spinning out of control!

Spinning seems to be my new obsession.......can't spin enough and the dyeing is getting a little out of control as well. I have carded wool I have dyed and I am also dyeing in the fleeces - getting it clean at the same time........and just spinning in the grease. I was given some Shetland fleece to play with and I am loving it - the natural colours are amazing - lovely browns. I will post some pictures tomorrow. I will be attending a spinning workshop - spinning with exotic fibres, so I am warming up and I am trying to spin at least 100 grams a day - a goal easily accomplished I think. Then my dear friend Ann came by as I knew she would and did we ever have a good gabfest and she told me about Gotland wool, so now I have to have some of that. My new friend Alberta who has the Shetland sheep knows lots about fleece and was able to educate me about Romney and then my friend Annie gave me this amazing fleece from Wales (the breed is from Wales) called Clune Forest (not sure of the spelling) - but it is amazing much fleece, so little time. Had two students today as well, and wow they made beautiful warps. I am so very satisfied with my life today. And welcome full moon - the Beltane moon.

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