Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas is almost upon us!!!

We are almost finished with the craft fairs for the season - and it has been very successful. The Crystal Garden "Out of Hand" show was great, tiring, but great. We shared a booth with Mixed Metal Mimi which worked really well together. Her shawl pins have been a hit in the studio gallery and we were not surprised at how well they sold in this show as well - certainly the metal and fibre work together.  We were tired, but jazzed up and ready to continue, but soon exhaustion hit me and I was glad to be home. What was interesting to me was that 30 years or so ago I had been doing craft fairs in the Crystal Gardens, and almost in the same location, making ponchos, scarves and blankets and having the same conversation about where were craft fairs going.....lots has changed, but the attitude is about the same. I think as artists, we love to meet the people who appreciate and love our work - there is not the same 'sweetness' that one can get on-line. Oh, and everyone has a credit card reader on their I-phones!!!! Makes a big difference in sales.

Mimi and Me!!

The studio has continued to be busy, what with me trying to weave in order to have stock for the Christmas fairs and teaching, it was pretty intense - but I loved it! Lori, one of my students who weaves a lot is preparing gifts for her family and her rag rug, basic pick and pick, is just wonderful and a matching blanket to boot.
and another warp goes on - this time a table runner by Gillian,  her second project which is threaded to a goose eye and looking rather wonderful - cotton warp, and linen weft. The runner is half woven now

My young students have been keeping me busy. Because I encourage self directed creativity, I sometimes have no idea where the kids will take me. One class, I found myself in the middle of braiding rugs - so there they were, braiding these very long braids outside - luckily it was sunny and the next thing I knew, I was skipping rope!!! Much to the surprise of my students, I soon landed on my behind! Man, it was fun for a few minutes anyway!

Everything from legwarmers to delightful little toy animals......

And the tapestry grows - we are at the purple flower!!!
I had the Salt Spring Weaver's Guild come for a tour in the last month, which was just wonderful - I think that they had a great time what with filming and taking pictures and I am pretty sure they were inspired by all the looms and my student's weaving. I certainly loved having them in the studio.

And speaking of filming - Shaw Cable came to Whippletree Junction a couple of weeks ago - and it was one of those days that everything went wrong that could go wrong, but they were great working around my craft fair stress and managed to make me sound somewhat articulate. If you wish to watch it!!!!! you can find it on:
And there will be an Open House on December 15th - come and have some hot chocolate and see the  weavings and friends - new and old! And there are lovely shops to poke about in.
 So if I don't see you at the Open House - have a wonderful holiday and a healthy
and creative New Year!!