Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not a day goes by.....

A busy week so far - lots of weaving done and I will post some pictures eventually - perhaps when finished. The teapot garden continues to get a lot of attention and the garden is full of weeds!!! I have good intentions of getting back to the weeds, but the studio calls. I managed to make a couple of little moss gardens in kitchen strainers! I planted a pansy in each of them. Gaye then told me I should have used some fleece to hold the moisture - I still can....

A few weavers have come in and told me they were taking a double weave pickup class with Alison - I want to take a double weave pickup class!!!! However, I decided I would play on my leftover twill warp and see if I could remember - I used to do a lot of it at one time - sure enough, this small voice echoed through my head, "pick up what you don't want to weave!" and away I went, and Goddess bless the weavers that were excited, I got excited too - so of course I have to do something but most probably nothing traditional (have had my fill of traditional all those years ago) judging by what I did on my leftover warp - sky's the limit!!! I love finger manipulated weaving and at one time that is all I did - where is all that stuff anyway?

I am taking a spinning workshop with Ann Field next month - the Loom is sending me. I am so excited as I really need a refresher and now with all the added knowledge too - like MICRONS. Thanks to Jennifer of Pacific Sun Alpacas, I have my micron card I carry around with me. And the class is all the exotics and I have a Schacht spinning wheel - I will really be 'uptown'.

My new friend Aurelia and I are getting together to view her spinning - maybe exchanging weaving lessons for spun fibres!!!! She is a crazy spinner and can spin in her sleep! She uses natural dyes (madder, cochineal, indigo etc.) - I can hardly wait. Loving her energy.

I guess what is hitting me today is that not a day goes by without people taking pictures of the teapots, but also not a day goes by without someone coming into the studio and inspiring me, motivating me and presenting me with gifts of potential textile art. I thank all of you for making everyday the best day so far!

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