Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Ahead!

Fleece & Fibre Fair
Saturday October 23rd
10 - 4
Island Savings Centre
Before I forge ahead, I want to remind all of you about the Fleece and Fibre Fair in Duncan this coming Saturday October 23rd at the Island Savings Centre - 10 - 4. See you there!!!

My friend Annie has done a superb job in organizing it and I saw her today in all her finery looking so very glamourous. Thank you so much for all the work you have done, I can hardly wait for Saturday - wish I were more ready!!!

It has been some months since I have written - not because I didn't want to, but because I have a difficult time finding time to do so. I was told recently that I should write something every week, but I can't work it in in my style of communication I guess. I value those blogs that are always updating - it is so interesting to read other's adventures but I cannot always read every blog either.

So I will try to keep this under 3000 words! Lots of pictures and how much time I have - my man towels are waiting to be hemmed!

The summer included lots of great discussion - one being the tea towel debate....having only sold traditional hand towels, I was surprised at what other weavers were selling their beautiful tea towels for. Poor Daphne and Karen had to listen to my diatribe for some time about the value of the weaver and the fibres and the structure and the length of time that they last whether cotton or linen etc. etc. So I held my ground and have sold all my hand towels for what I asked - weavers, you are skilled whether it be a tea towel or a scarf, towels should not go for less than they are worth - and they are a thing of beauty - a small art piece that women and men can use every day in a functional way - ahhh, such pleasure. Enough said.

The resident cat, Whippy, was scarce through the summer, along with Bun Bun the one-eyed
rabbit. However, they would appear when most of the tourists had gone for the day or early in the morning. I planted catnip in the spring for the cat, but it wasn't until this one day he finally found it and plopped himself next to for the whole afternoon, next to the cat teapot planted by Annie..........oh Whippy, you are a silly cat and so loved.

One of the best things I have had happen, is to have this wonderful young woman drop into the courtyard garden - Taryn, my new apprentice. Hardworking and a total joy to have in the studio, she is so very enthusiastic in learning anything and everything to do with textiles, especially weaving. Her very first warp was wonderful, she wove her first blanket in pink and the second blanket in natural colours and just recently purchased by a First Nations woman to wear in the Big House - now that is an honour.

This summer also presented me with a woman who is making a Leola's Studio adjustable weaving bench made from sustainable wood from the Cowichan Valley. It is a reasonable price and they are lovely. I will be bringing a couple to the Fleece and Fibre Fair this weekend - hey I will have a booth there too - I hope to see you there.

I have a few things to do before tomorrow morning so I am going to end here for now and continue after the Fleece and Fibre Fair. Leola's Studio has been open now for one year and we hope to have a little gathering open house near the end of November to celebrate the year and to have a Christmas show and sale as well - but more on that later. Hope to see you this Saturday! If you are interested in classes, let me know and we are still meeting on Sundays for knitting and spinning or crocheting or just come and have a chat.