Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inspiration - Colour

"Art is neither a profession nor a hobby. Art is a Way of Being." - Frederick Franck

Off to Providence this morning to help Betty put a warp on - we threaded the loom really quickly and rolled most of it on before I headed back to the studio. I have about 5 warps on the go, but felt I needed to finish with my alpaca phase. I spun some alpaca that Jennifer of Pacific Sun Alpacas gave me and then I busied myself with her beautifully dyed alpaca. I felt that I needed to use it immediately and so I did - everything was orange today and so began the Pacific Sun-set warp.......I even planted onions in my garden today which in my mind were very big orange skinned beauties already, instead of these spindly Walla Walla seedlings.

So I realized as I was making this Pacific Sunset warp that it was really like cooking - the stock or foundation which is the alpaca and then the spices or embellishments to support the foundation........I loved the colour although challenging in some ways, but the skein was full of colour - orange, yellow, coral, pink, gold, magenta etc............lots to work with - and so there is Cascade Merino and Paton's Classic Merino, Crystal Palace Party, one of those ladder yarns, Sublime (cashmere, silk & merino) - a great support system for the Alpaca. And so I am happy as the warp is happy. Now what to use for weft? Probably a beautifully dyed mohair from Creston - Riverstone Yarns and my all time favourite these days - Merino Stripes...........

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