Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ms. Daphne has a brand new bag!

My friend Daphne wandered in and I with my glasses off, (as I was sewing hats and literally had my nose to the machine), I flippantly said I am busy, but instantly remembered the long awaited bag - on with my spectacles and there the bag was in all its beautiful and colourful glory. What a glorious 'garden' of colour and beauty. This bag was knit in a technique called entralac (sp?) and is knitted basically from the top to the bottom, the tiers getting smaller and smaller - and the knitting this way and that.........a lot of work that only ones that have tried it know and really appreciate the skill involved - a priceless bag but at the right price........

It was a good spring cleaning day and the time to begin with projects for Oma Gosh! Designs. So the hat making has begun and a lovely day to organize our time for a baby fair and the coming Market at Whippletree, of which I will write about as I begin to feel we have enough details to share - it will be on Sundays starting in June in the Courtyard at Whippletree Junction, south of Duncan - there that is what I know so far!

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