Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The day begins for me with Whipple the cat greeting me beneath the big cedar tree next to my studio.......I feed him/her and begin my day. Some days are easier than others - today I didn't have a student or Annie to structure my day, I had me, a tired me and that is when I bounce from one project to of all days, I felt I should spin some alpaca, and my day began........part of my day is taken over by the people that are walking through the courtyard, often to the public washrooms, but also to peek into the stores and my studio. This of course colours the day with conversation, some sales and stimulation. Well, alpaca seemed to be the theme today, as no sooner did I play with the alpaca - I realized that I needed coffee and over to Black Coffee to get my java, then to say hello to Gaye at The Loom, I ran into these two amazing women - one being a ferrier and the other an alpaca shepherdess.......well, what a day the day became. I learned so much about alpaca (not like sheep at all!) and Jennifer came back with this beautifully dyed Grade 3 alpaca knitting interesting and to top the day off - I met this beautiful couple and their child from Denmark - he being a tattoo artist and when I say artist, I have never seen such incredible body art - he uses old techniques from the Inuit and Maori...I suspect that he is also rather well known as he travels the world demonstrating his art - didn't catch his name, but he said he would email me - I told him when I figured out the tattoo I wanted and where, I would give him a call - and a trip to Denmark would be fun!

One more teapot today and a new birdfeeder came my way. Tomorrow an early start at Providence to transfer a warp to loom for Betty and then my dear friend Annie will come and help me weave. I love having her in the studio - she motivates me.

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