Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Attempt at Blogging once again!

It has been a bit of a struggle these past couple of years  - intermittent mingling of thoughts, actions etc. Not to be daunted, I will again attempt to blog on a regular basis. Short meaningful, I hope, thoughts that will put a wiggle in your creative brain!

Today I tried to focus on a few things I needed doing, and to reward myself with something I wanted to do if there were no interruptions - suffice it to say I locked the door and pulled the curtain. It was quiet in the courtyard, so I didn't feel guilty.

I have been obsessed by circles and have explored the making of, in different techniques - tapestry, Theo Moorman, various overshots. The grid poses restriction in order to get a round shape so it is always a challenge. Then I saw an image of woven circles in Google Image and a draft by Susan Poague. Yippee says I, but was unsure of how to do it as the draft was unclear to me. Then Susan's circles were published in Handwoven, and I didn't have that issue. I only buy it now and again, so I had to order it. I got it, followed exactly except for the materials, (I am not a rayon chenille lover) and didn't much like what I saw - I needed it to be airy and light. So resleyed to 12 epi using cotton and tencel warp and linen and cotton/linen in the wefts and played. Yay I love, but then craft fairs got in the way.......
so now I am doing what I want....but the ridiculous part of this textale, is that I had the pattern the whole time in my Strickler's book - Diversified Plain Weave using the point twill and
'swelling' it out......I felt a little bit like a fool, but I had a good laugh too. The egg shape will hopefully shrink into more of a circle after washing and off tension.

I guess the 'wiggle' would be to obsess but take time to think it through - saves yourself a little grief in the end. My brain can be so fragmented with the creative energy and other people's energy that taking time for myself on a regular basis and journal on a consistent basis.

And now I end with the music I listened to throughout the day - everyone likes the music in the studio - today it was a definite mix. Laura Fry ends her blogs with her reading material, but my reading these days is mostly non-fiction and knitting patterns!

Marianas Trench
Alpha Blondie
Lana del Rey
Alison Kraus
Dolly Parton