Friday, April 27, 2012

Aldered state of mind..................

What can I say - the move towards spring has been full. I have been struck by everything around me near bursting - the alder trees speak of this with their catkins changing ever gradually to their full colour as we enjoy the 'feathers' of alder, a backdrop against the hills that are still dusted with snow and it is all about the subtleties that express the need to design....

All in one day - from alders to raspberries to cloth...

And it continued into other designs.....I have had this scarf that I purchased from the guild sale, one, because it was woven by my friend Trudi and the other because I loved the bubble effect - using cotton and wool and then felting it a bit and the cotton  bubbles up - very cool.........and it was in the back of my mind for some time when during this 'aldered' state, I also came across a print that another friend of mine had - a birch tree forest. I made a warp of alpaca and a linen blend and on an 8 harness twill, in equal stripes attempted to weave my birches. In the weft I used a linen and an alpaca and wove a couple of yards and I love the drape and the effect - a gentle bubble, but I didn't want to full it too much more as it was a lovely weight. I realize that I have been in a natural mode as far as colour and I am limiting myself with colour and technique - going for the fibres and how they react with each other. I am loving linen and alpaca together - it just works.

And spring continued to burst - we were blessed with a beautiful grandson, Cale McNie, joining his sister, Belle Emily Rose and cousin Easton Witt - what can I say, except that the I didn't think I could feel so much more joy.

Oma welcomes Cale McNie
Lots more to come and I am working on it as we speak - the student work is outstanding!!!!!


  1. Congratulations on the new grandson! He looks like a sweetie pie...

    We too have a new grandson born this past Monday night... Ethan Riley 8 ls 4 oz
    Our very first!

    Susan (who will be Nana)

  2. Congratulations on your new grandson...I just wanted to pop in and say hi...found this blog quite by accident, but your name caught my attention. My name is Leola and I'm an artist also :) Come visit my blog :)