Friday, October 28, 2011

Having way too much fun........

The last two months have been incredibly busy with classes, weaving, dyeing, and well, most people know that transition from summer to fall busyness. A great way to sort out priorities and projects....

Virginia Creeper was the inspiration for the dyed fleece

 Indigo ready to rock and roll!

There was a lot of activity around dyeing this past month. We had an indigo dye day - several of us had indigo plants that Barbara had provided - such beautiful plants - and we put them together and proceeded to go through the process. Barbara had done a test run a few weeks earlier and got the most glorious blues. Unfortunately, although we did exactly the same process, we did not get any blue - just a hint.  So we have had a few explanations. The only thing different were, the water (high iron content), the time of picking - were the plants past their prime? and the heat - were we accurate enough. We will try again next year - all of us have plants beginning to seed and they will be next years experiment. We were disappointed, but the exploration of this wonderful colour, although elusive, was still fun and magical.

Jenna, Betty, Alberta and our team leader, Barbara hard at work preparing the sacred indigo...

The Juan de Fuca Fibre group came up for a day in the studio - wonderful spinners. Pots of tea, and a couple of dye pots were the order of the day. It was another fun time with women passionate about their fibres. We were having the time of our lives, dyeing raw fleece (local Churro from my friend Gaye) and overdyeing some roving.
 Happy Hallowe'en!!!
I admire this group as they are so devoted to their spinning. It was a fabulous day. All guilds and interest groups are most welcome to come and spend a day in the studio. It is a pleasure to share the space I get to work in, and it is a joy to have like-minded people in the studio. And we all learn - wow, how much more fun can we have?

My youth textile artists have been busy. One in particular just produces and creates lovely projects and already has sold a piece! So not only are they becoming textile artists, they are also becoming entrepreneurs!
 Morgan is 12 and won a first in the Cobble Hill Fair for her needle felting and then promptly sold it. She is saving for a sewing machine.
Her 'Snowy Winter Morning' scarf admired by all.

The community rag rug looms or the 'girlfriend' looms have been going strong. One week I had two separate groups of friends, six in all enjoy learning to weave and going home with a rag rug. They were all lovely as were the participants.  The comfort shawl loom is almost ready to go. We are preparing a lovely space for the project, so there will be privacy if required, music, lovely books of support and a comfy chair to take some time to reflect on the gift you are making. We provide the warp and you can weave with your chosen weft and all we ask is for a donation towards the fibres and anything left over will go to hospice or some other charity. Just book a week or so ahead. Due to all the generosity we have received, we would like to give back.

There have been about 15 blankets woven in the last couple of months - maybe more. I am losing count.
Absolutely beautiful warm blankets that had everyone drooling.

Jewel has woven about 3 projects previous to these blankets. Her confidence in designing and warping is phenomenal. She wove two big blankets in two days along with her little shadow, Little Bear who sings to us on occasion!
Little Bear on his new rug, one for home and one for the studio...woven with Pendalton blanket selvedges...

Another blanket weaver, Lori has made three rugs in the last month, each one unique and beautiful. Lori's sense of design and colour is awesome, each blanket well thought out for the personality that they will be gifted to. Lori is quite petite, so it was fun to see her working on a 60" loom - the blankets spoke of greatness!

The first two

and the third.....

The Cowichan Fleece and Fibre Fair was this past weekend and there were lots of people enjoying the many fibres - I believe everyone went home inspired. Good job Annie and Kathy. I didn't get around to take pictures but managed to get a shot of our booth. My dear dear friend, Joy,  that I learned to weave with in Cherryville came down from Cortes Island to help and brought her beautiful Romney yarn. And the vest was a hit - soon to be kitted up and quite possibly be available in the studio!

Joy's Wool

I finally met Jane Richmond, a fabulous knitter and designer. and she took some great photos of the fair and of the most beautiful buttons by Franziska, who will be providing buttons to the studio as well. Check Jane's blog out - tutorials and everything. Great stuff.
The booth

And now for some random pictures

The ladies

The little goat...

My dear friend Ann loves goats as do I and so I knit her a little picture - it was fun! and speaking of fun, a final picture of my crazy girls who disappeared one day out of the studio, and although I didn't capture the perfect shot, I think I captured fun in the best possible way - carefree, happy, dancing in a field and learning all about fibre in the studio!!!! Now that's a lot of fun.

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