Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Super Hero capes........

Camille and I were making super hero capes for Oma Gosh! Designs today and we worked steady. Rainy outside but warm at the same time. The rain has been extreme in the Cowichan Valley the past couple of weeks wreaking havoc on the area and the many people that have been affected by the flooding. There is more rain expected and everyone is watching the tides.
I drove through the reserve on Tzouhalem Road and was amazed at how high the river is - there is something mysterious about this weather and its power. To the delight of both Glen and I, rounding the corner by Klem Klem Bighouse, two sea lions poked their heads up - very rare to see sea lions up that far from the bay. Even though we are in a temperate rainforest area, the rain has not been this 'bad' for many years. I think we have had more snow in the last couple of years than rain.
My looms were beckoning me today and it was frustrating not to be able to weave - however, Camille and I are getting our orders filled and getting ready for a craft fair.

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